Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Weekend!

Well, it has been a crazy weekend! But very fun :) Friday night I got together with some of the girls at my church just to hang out, and we did a craft. We are going to try and have a routine "craft" night, and Friday was our first one! Yay! We ate yummy food, made cute bracelets, and played Scene It...the newer updated version that I am not very good at...we had a really great time. Adam hung out with all the rest of the husbands and played video games :) We finally got home around 1:00am. THEN, we woke up the next morning around 7:00am and got ready for Adam's mom's birthday. We were going up north to Payson to go to a car show and grill out at a park nearby. That was also sooo much fun! I got to freshen up on some of my gymnastics move at the park there that had a huge greenbelt!...and we played a little frizbee and football. We got home around 8 or 9:00pm and I had to do like 3 hours of homework! And that was the end. All in all, we had a jam packed awesome weekend, and got to spend lots and lots of time together :) And are you guys ready for this???!?!?!!! ......I'm actually posting pictures!!! Savre this moment because it doesn't happen often! I will try and stay with the timeline I've explained for the pictures...
Adam's brother Jacob and I before we left :)

Adam and I at the car show!

The bracelet I made at the craft night.

Oh, by the way, that wasn't in order! Ha! I forgot I was trying to do that :)

<3 Krystle


thekirnancrib said...

cute pics... you are gorgeous!

Shannon said...

we love scene it! and your bracelet is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Friday was really fun! It was great being with the girls and I hope your thumb is healing from the voracious wire stab. hahah!