Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Carried to the Table

My heart is in it's rawest condition these past few weeks. I feel like all of my protective walls are up so that nothing else can wound it. And to be honest, that feels really good. Naturally, I am a very open, vulnerable, and emotional person. But I feel God prompting me that sometimes an open book isn't the way to be. And at times, that can actually be quite dangerous. I have never been one for "boundaries" either, but again, I am finding out how good they really are.

I feel the urge to just spill my heart right now, but I am going to refrain in light of what I just mentioned. I need to leave some things just for me. But I WILL leave you this song that won't leave me. It's lyrics are just perfect for my situation, and I thank God that music can reflect emotion so well... It's really healing.

"Carried to the Table"- Leeland

Wounded and forsaken
I was shattered by the fall
Broken and forgotten
Feeling lost and all alone
Summoned by the King
Into the Master’s courts
Lifted by the Savior
And cradled in His arms

I was carried to the table
Seated where I don’t belong
Carried to the table
Swept away by His love
And I don’t see my brokenness anymore
When I’m seated at the table of the Lord
I’m carried to the table
The table of the Lord

Fighting thoughts of fear
And wondering why He called my name
Am I good enough to share this cup
This world has left me lame
Even in my weakness
The Savior called my name
In His Holy presence
I’m healed and unashamed

You carried me, my God
You carried me

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Anonymous said...


I've really been praying for you lately. You've gone through some things in your life that I will never understand and you've been such an example to me with how you allow God to mold you to what He wants despite how uncomfortable it makes you. Something I need to learn. :) Karilee

P.S. About your comment on my blog...most diabetics should probably call their Dr. in that situation, but since I've had it for so long I always know what they are going to tell me in order to fix it. I'll have to tell them all about it though when I am there next week. It will probably urge them to do an ultrasound to see how much Kaiden weighs now. hahah!