Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Forcing It

I am determined to keep current on my blog. It's frustrating only posting on a whim. So, here I go! I know that when I start posting on a regular basis, I brain gets going and I hit a "blogging streak". And since I have nothing else of significance to post, I am going to post a little survey thing...

What would you be if you could be ...

A Vegetable:
Probably a's the only vegetable I can snack on

An Animal:
Hmmm...a dolphin? Or a bird

A Fruit:

A Color:
Purple- Light Purple

A Household Object:
Wow, this one is about a candle...those are pretty ;) Or a mirror...I know, weird answers!

Article of Clothing:
A Swimsuit!

A Drink:
Apricot Tea

A Famous Person:
Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow

A Film Character:
Meg Ryan...she did so many cute romance movies!

A Cartoon Character:
Belle from Beauty & the Beast

A Car:
Some type of SUV...I need room!

A City:
San Diego...or some other type of beach city

A Country:
This question isn't fair because I haven't been to many... So, I don't know.

A Mythical Creature:
Wow. I have no Idea!!!

A Chocolate Bar:
100 Grand

A Book:
Redeeming Love

A Sport:

A Word:
Gosh..this is hard too. How about content :)

One of Your Family:
My Grandma

That actually took a lot longer than I thought! But the best part of surveys is that you get to tag people!! Yay!

I Tag:

All of my friends! If your name is on my "blogger buddies" side, I would LOVE to read who you would be :)

P.S. I am going to do something brave. I have really been frustrated with myself lately because I just can't get the motivation to work-out, and I am seriously unhappy with myself. So, to those of you who are a part of my other blog, I am going to start posting some before and after pictures...AHH! I mean, they won't be too revealing or anything, and I will be clothed, but I feel like if I do that, it will really make me want to post some pictures of how my body is improving!!! It better. I'm going crazy here!

Love, Krystle

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thekirnancrib said...

yay for pics! and I will def do this one... and nice sitemeter! ;)