Friday, July 11, 2008

The Pains of Pet Owners

Remember these two? Cute, white, fluffy, lovey, fun....well, that's what they WERE! A few weeks ago Sophie started her 3rd heat. The first few weeks are fine; Steve notices her a little more, Sophie goes around the house humping Steve while he growls at her, and they are pretty much normal other than that. I don't know when this happens, but about at about week 3, something happens. It's like Steve's brain kicks in, and he understands what is happening. And he literally starts going CRAZY! Now, keep in mind, my dogs aren't even 2 years old, so they are probably like what, 8 or9 in doggie years?! So, they are VERY new at this stuff. Sophie has it down, but Steve definitely does not. He goes around the house following her every move and acting sooo nervous about everything. If we take him outside he barks at everyone, and can't even stay in one place long enough to pee. In the evening when we are home, Steve follows her around (like I said before), and then he just stands over her. He doesn't hump or anything, he just stands. And he doesn't even do this in the right place. He stands facing her side or her face or something. I feel so bad for her! Adam and I call their room the "Torture Chamber" while we are gone because Steve never leaves her alone! ha ha!

This would all be fine & dandy, but here is the problem. When Adam and I are sleeping, Steve whimpers all night!! He sleeps wherever she is, and looks at her and whines! I am a really light sleeper, so last night I was awake literally the entire night. I don't know why he whimpers, ... my theory is that he just wants to do it so bad, and he can't figure it out, so it makes him upset at night! Ha Ha ha! I don't know. And we can't put him in a different room because he would go nuts! He barks like crazy when he can't be with her when she's in heat...AHHH!

I'm sure you are asking now, "Why don't you get her neutered, or get Steve fixed or something?" Great question. Answer: One day they are going to have the cutest puppy ever, and in the meantime we will wait in agony about every 5-6 months or so, so that they can go through this hard time in their marriage. Maybe one day, little Steve will finally figure it out :)


thekirnancrib said...

So funny, I am dying laughing here. how many puppies does their breed usually have, just one? oh my, it would be so CUTE!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and going from a stalker to commentor :) I love having new people reading up on my blog. Poor doggies, our dog is neutered but has a stuffed duck he loves on from time to time