Monday, July 21, 2008


This past weekend, Adam and I went on a HOT DATE!!! Well, actually....that's what I TOLD him we were doing. What we were really doing was going on a surprise trip to California! It was so awesome because he had absolutely NO idea, and thought that we were going to a Diamondbacks game :) And I'm usually not very good at keeping a surprise a surprise, but since I decided to go literally that day, it made it a lot easier to keep in. Adam and I have needed some good quality time together. Once we start to get easily annoyed with eachother is when I know that we need to focus on us a little bit. And that was exactly what we did. We had such a great time, and really enjoyed eachothers company. It reminded us that we are still so in love! Here are some pictures of our little get-away...

Me= Super Excited that I planned this!
Adam & I on our way to our "Hot Date"!
Reading on the Beach...well Adam is...Im just acting like I am :)
The View


thekirnancrib said...

awww so fun! you are such a sweet wife:)

Shannon said...

impressive dude! how long did you go for??

The Porter Family said...

We just went for the weekend :) It was the perfect little getaway though !

Anonymous said...

Adam's a lucky guy!! I so would not be able to pull that off. And the beach looks amazing. That's where I want to be right now. There and Seaworld.