Friday, September 12, 2008


Music has a way of speaking to me like nothing else can. Depending on what kind of mood I am in, is what kind of music I will be into. I always come back to the same kind of music, and the other day I really wanted to write down some of my all-time favorites. Some are new, some are old:

Counting Crows- 1) Colorblind

2) Mr.Jones

John Mayer- 1) Say

2) Slow Dancing In a Burning Room

Dave Matthews Band- 1) Crash into Me

2) The Space Between

Frou Frou- 1) Let Go

Jason Mraz- 1) I'm Yours

311- 1) Amber

The Verve- 1) Bitter Sweet Symphony

Alanis Morisette- 1) You Outta Know

2) Ironic

Brad Paisley- 1) She's Everything

2) When I Get Where I'm goin'

Faith Hill- 1) Stronger

Coldplay- 1) Amsterdam

2) Green Eyes

3) In my Place

Red Hot Chili Peppers- 1) Soul to Squeeze

...I always feel bad that my favorite songs are not always "Christian" songs.......I don't know. Some of my favorites christian bands are Third Day, Sara Groves, The David Crowder Band,JJ Heller, Scott Phillips, Brooke Fraser.. and a few other smaller artists.
Love, Krystle
P.S. I am going to tag some people actually....I wanna know what your favorites are! It says a lot about a person.....
1) Shannon
2) Ashley
3) Jessica
4) Karilee


Anonymous said...

oh my word. This is going to take me forever to think of all my favs! I'm still working on the "middle name" tag!

Shannon said...

haha!!! I love all these songs you've posted!