Friday, September 5, 2008

Camping, Birthdaying, Apologizing, & Updating

To start off, I'd like to make a sincere apology for my lack of blogging! I have been soo un-inspired, and dry. Thankfully, I went on a trip, and my friend had a birthday, or else I'd have nothing to blog about! Ha ha :) Just kidding (well...kind of!).

Adam and I have been busy bees lately. We have been working a lot trying to tackle our debt, doing things with the youth group, finding a new apartment, and trying our best to hang out & spend time with friends & family.....oh ya, and make time for ourselves! Ha! It's been really cool this year to see how God is moving in our lives. We have been taken out of our comfort zones, and placed in unfarmiliar ground in a lot of ways, and it's been really good. Hard, but good. And with our tight funds, it's been fun to see how God still provides ways for us to be together, and have just as much fun if not more!

We are also getting really excited about the election coming up! How awesome is Sarah Palin?! Love her. She definitely inspires change...and she seems like a real home-town girl. And her views on abortion-if I understand her correctly- are SO right on. Love that too. So, all-in-all, I'm pretty excited about it :) And McCain is growing on me more and more. It's very heart-warming to see his patriotism through all of his years in service to our country- the good & bad. If that's not a strong testimony, I don't know what is. Ok, enough politics! On to Camping....

Over Labor Day weekend, we went with a group of our friends to Heber, AZ and had an awesome time! We stayed almost 4 days, which is enough to feel terribly dirty!!!...but good enough to feel like you went away on a nice get-a-way. It even rained!!! Some of our tents got a bit of water in them, but hey, what's the fun of camping if you don't experience nature, right?! The men also got the chance to be super manly and put up a HUMUNGO tarp! They were so proud of it when we were able to be outside in the rain and be perfectly dry :)

After camping, we came back and a few days later celebrated my roommates/AWESOME friend's birthday! The big 2-6!! I cooked dinner and dessert, we watched John McCain's speech, and then played a super fun game of Mexican Dominos...if you have never played then you simply MUST! I never knew how mad & competitive I could get until I played this game! Ha! So, happy belated birthday again Alexa!!! Love you :) I am soo not computer savvy, so the pictures aren't in order...I couldn't figure it out!!! Blah...

Adam and I
The game..
Adam's Mexican Man...ha!
The Birthday Girl & Ben!
Yummy dessert :)

The cooking spot
Adam and I when we first arrived
Hangin' under the tarp!
Our home for 4 days :)
Portraits by the Lake
The Men
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thekirnancrib said...

you are forgiven! hehe. love the pictures. I recognize the sweatshirt in that last pic of you and adam!!!!!

Shannon said...

Nice post! I am glad you are liking the election! We are too! I love to camp, looks like you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

oh give me a break - - you look all cute in your camping pictures! Do you know what I look like after camping for 4 days? hmmff.

...and go McCain/Palin! I love Sarah too! I watched McCain's speech, but enjoyed Palin's way more!

You need to come to the next craft night. Hopefully your life will settle down some time soon so you get some sanity. Does Adam play sports? If so, he can go to the guys b-ball night at the church (all the guys play on Thur. nights from 7:30-9:30pm). Then you can come to do a craft!

ok, I'll talk to you later! Maybe in person! :) Karilee

The Gibbs Family said...

I love camping (only if I can shower tho). Looks like you guys had fun!