Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to Work!

Adam went back to work today...huge bummer! It's been so much fun having so much family time together- we are all crazy about eachother and I honestly never feel like I want him out of the house! What a great feeling to have, aye? :) Anyways, like I said, we've been having loads of fun and thought I'd share some pictures of our time:
We went to the zoo, and I'm pretty sure that the water fountain was Ellie's favorite attraction! Haha! :)
My 2 girls in pink: Yes, I am definitely gonna be a matchy matchy mom!
My sweet first baby- she's such a big girl now...sniff sniff :)
My new baby: Precious.
While nursing Claire at the zoo, Ellie QUICKLY got into my mascara- any guess as to who she is imitating here?! Our very own little Hitler!! We just had to take a picture before we wiped her off :)
My main squeeze and Ellie's hair actually done- she pulled it out after about 10 minutes...dangit!
Mommy & Claire on a walk at the park
Love this picture!

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