Thursday, March 10, 2011

Claire Rebekah :)

Claire Rebekah Porter
March 4, 2011
7lbs 11oz
It has been almost a week now since Claire made her entrance & I haven't blogged! Oops :) I have been in baby heaven since she was born. She is so mellow-tempered & content. She has been sleeping GREAT at night, and rarely ever cries- if she does it's because she needs her diaper changed or she's hungry. I love that she looks a lot like Ellie did when she was born, but she definitely has her own thing going on too- I'd say that she's a little "squishier" than Ellie :) She latched on breastfeeding after about 2 minutes of being alive and has been going like a champ ever since! Total night and day from Ellie who wouldn't latch on for 2 months! Sheeesh! And man o man does that make a huge difference in recovering for me. She is a dream and nothing short of it. I'm in love with being a mommy of 2!
Ellie has been doing pretty well with everything. There are still times where she wants mommy and I'm nursing or doing something else with Claire and it makes it hard, but she has been having so much fun with Adam and it has been keeping her very happy & distracted! She is so sweet with her and wants to kiss her, hug her, hold her, etc. She definitely LOVES her little sister already :) I'm not quite sure if she has grasped that she's staying here for good or not, but I'm sure she'll get it very soon! Next post is my birth story! Until then...
Love, Krystle


Sarah said...

congrats!! she is adorable. can't wait to read your birth story!

Brittany said...

I am so glad things are going smoothly. She is a doll!

Ashley said...

She is gorgeous! Congrats!