Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Claire

Seems that as of late, Claire and my "special time" has been between the hours of 9:00pm-12:00pm. The little peanut is just not interested in sleep during those hours! We bounce, we nurse, I sing, etc...nothing seems to soothe her. She loves to trick me though and close her eyes to act like she's sleeping, but as soon as I lay her down, she opens up those eyes as wide as can be and doesn't act tired at all. Hence why I am writing this blog post- I'd love to be asleep, but alas I am awake and figure I should probably do my Tuesday post even if it's a day late :)

Some notable things about Claire at 4 weeks:

  • She is cuter and cuter by the doubt about it (Anyone watch the Bachelor recently and hear Brad say that line like a million times throughout the season?!?! Just thought I'd ask ;).

  • I don't know how much she weighs- I haven't been to the doctor again yet- shame on me!

  • Adam and I both agree that she is still a mystery! We haven't figured her out yet. We don't really know what she likes and doesn't like- seems to change day to day, minute to minute. Ellie wasn't that way at all!

  • She's a superb sleeper once she's asleep. She is sleeping about 4 1/2 hour stretches at night which is super awesome :) I feel way more rested now that I did those last few weeks of pregnancy...wonderful!

  • She is easy-peasy during the day, and her fussy time starts promptly at 7pm and lasts through whatever time she decides bedtime is. She really doesn't cry a ton through this time, but just seems generally irritated.

  • She LOVES the birthing ball. If either Adam or I sit on that and bounce her, she is in baby heaven :)

  • She doesn't seem to mind Ellie's occasional accidental torturing :) She's a tough cookie at such a young age...thank goodness! The other day, I caught Ellie with the "booger sucker" (as we call the syringe thing) up her nose- Claire grunted a little, but held up well. I on the other hand totally freaked out, but what's new?! I am an easy freaker-outer.

Some things about me:

  • Second time around mommy-hood seems WAYYY easier. I am so much more calm and collected. I don't really mind when things start to get crazy and find myself having a lot more patience with Claire as a newborn and dealing with a bit of sleep deprivation.

  • I love being a mommy of two. There are so many moments where I just feel completely overwhelmed with LOVE. And of course there are moments where I feel like the world is crashing down, but the good FAR outweighs the bad :)

  • I'm still trying to find my groove. The newborn stage of breastfeeding is tough on me & on Ellie. Poor sweet girl just wants to play, and I'm stuck on the couch trying to entertain her. She holds up pretty well, and I'm trying to be more disciplined in being prepared and having a nice routine to my days to help things out.

  • My recovery this time around is so much faster! Wahoooo! I have only had 1 close encounter with a breast infection, but I caught it way early and nipped that sucker in the butt- or boob- hahaha! I feel like I am my normal self and have felt that way since pretty much a week after her delivery. Such a blessing.

Some things about Adam:

  • Can I just brag for a moment?? God has seriously blessed me with an amazing husband & best friend. Seriously. He is SO great with the girls and helps me out a TON! It has been a pretty big transition getting use to having 2 kids- I'm still not sure we're totally adjusted, but close to it I think. But, if I didn't have his constant support and help, I would have never felt as good as I have through this process. And no one prepares you for how incredibly ATTRACTIVE it is to see you husband be a father- and a GOOD one. Watching him put sunscreen on Ellie, or bounce Claire on the birthing ball while practically falling asleep may be one of the hottest things around ;) Definitely a perk of baby making!

Love, Krystle

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