Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As of Late

This past weekend brought a lovely wedding. Seriously. One of the best that I have attended. And I'd have to say that the highlight was definitely when they announced "Mr & Mrs. Hawkins" at the end. Normally this would be exciting, but not that monumentous of an occasion. You see, our friend Kiel loves Star Wars. Oh yes. When they announced that they we're officially married, he grabbed her arm in his, stood up tall, and waited. THEN, the star wars theme song-you know- dun dun dun nun dun dun dun dun- CAME ON and they walked away to THAT!!!! It was seriously the proudest moment of his life. I have no doubt. I cried through the whole ceremony, then laughed so hard I cried at the end!!! Very awesome. Here are a few pictures.

Our friend Kiel is also over 7 feet tall!! Holy cow! She will NEVER have to worry about how tall her heels are :) Lucky!!!

We went to hang out with Adam's parents after that, and I got a few more pictures of my Ellie Belly! I'm only posting one because I feel like I look too fat in the others :) He he!

Last night, Adam and I had some friends over, and he made a ROCKIN' chili. All by himself. Pretty impressive. It's so cute when he is in the kitchen. The dogs stay in there and hang out with him the whole time. I love it!

Look at how cute they are!!! They will always be our babies :)

Lastly, but certainly NOT least, my dear friend Jennifer is going to be taking some professional pregnant pictures of me this Saturday. I am beyond excited! I didn't know if I would ever get around to doing any, and she was SO generous to do this for Adam and I. Stay tuned for those photos!!!


thekirnancrib said...

Ellie belly! I love it! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!

Shannon said...

Gosh you are so cute prego! I miss seeing pictures of the pups! They are so cute too.

S. said...

you look great and those pics are so fun!

jenniferlauren photography said...

I am so excited to photograph you! Can't wait! See you Saturday!