Monday, February 9, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Get ready for Meal- Plan Mondays! I'm pretty good at keeping up with my meal plans, and have always intended on making it a habit to post on my blog so that my friends can have some ideas, and possibly extend the same courtesy!!! I don't know about all of you, but planning meals can be absolutely exhausting. This week it's gonna be pretty simple because we are trying to keep it cheap, but here is my plan:

Monday: Tomato Soup w/mixed veggies, sourdough bread w/butter

Tuesday: Hamburgers, Homemade fries, and cold veggies

Wednesday: Spagetti w/meat, Salad, and Garlic bread

Thursday: Burritos filled with the works (beans, cilantro, onions, tomato, etc.), chips, and salsa

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie- w/no side. This pretty much encompasses a whole entire meal in itself.

Saturday: Left overs!!!

Seriously people, DO MEAL PLAN MONDAY! I would love to have more people in on this. Maybe one day I will upgrade to pictures (well wait, who am I kidding myself, I'm TERRIBLE at uploading pictures!!! I bet you all are surprised I'm even pregnant because there is no proof!).

Anyone else in on Meal-Plan Monday?!!?!?!?

I have started working Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, so this meal planning thing is a total lifesaver!! I would be a mess without it...not to mention spending WAY too much on groceries.

Well, happy Monday everyone. Hope your weeks are excellent!

Love, Krystle


Mark said...

Can I come over on Thursday? I love burritos!

Shannon said...

man I need to get better at this!

thekirnancrib said...

I definitely need to do this!