Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meal Plan Tuesday?

Well, I forgot to post yesterday. Probably because I didn't go grocery shopping! Our fridge was empty!! Thankfully I have an awesome husband who is going for me tonight :) All I had to do was make the plan and the list.....I seriously despise the grocery store! But anyways, here it is! There are only 4 days because we have the other days covered.

Tuesday- Potato Soup w/Garlic bread

Wednesday- Baked Chicken, Red Potatoes, & Green beans

Thursday- Green Enchiladas w/beans & rice

Friday- Baked Penne w/Sausage, Zuccini & Asparagus

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Have an awesome week.

Love, Krystle


Adrienne said...

do u have the recipe for fridays meal. i do this sometimes but not every week. it would probably save me money if i did this more.

Meghan said...

Can I get the recipes for those delicious sounding meals? How are you feeling with the baby? Are you more tired? Any crazy food cravings?

Deric said...

Well according to the dr. today, she's not coming anytime this week! So I have a good chance of finishing her room!!!