Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Starting Point

I have finally starting brainstorming nursery ideas! I have 3 months left, and a tight budget, so I looked for things that I could easily make with my girlfriends. I'm into not having a theme for a few reasons; 1) It's too expensive for us!, and 2) I am getting lots of things that will be "used" (furniture & such), and it's too hard to try to put something together using other people's randomness.....of which I am totally and completely thankful for, so no one take that the wrong way!
ANYWAYS, here is my starting point. Let me know what ya'll think and give me some pointers if you have some :) I'd love feedback.

I love these wall fun! And only $36 bucks!
I want to make 2 0r 3 sheet sets like this with different colors & white polka dots
I like both of the hanging decorations on these walls...I may incorporate a little of both somehow...hmmm...
These little circles with the different patterns are a MUST for me to have in her room...So cute! And cheap!
I want to spell out her whole name in these fun letters w/the polka dot ribbon in different colors

-That's what I have come up with so far............YAY!!!! What do you guys think?


thekirnancrib said...

I looove your ideas... you are on a roll girl! can't wait to see the finished product.

The Peevyhouse Family said...

I could make your letters for Ellie's name if you want... I made them for my friend chantelle and they turned out cute. Just let me know and I can help! They all look like really cute ideas!

Shannon said...

i love those stickers! i think they are a must!

A Glimpse of Home said...

You have such great ideas! Your nursery will be beautiful!It's not the $ amount that go into it, it's the LOVE!

fromhome2home said...

All very cute ideas. FYI: They have letters and polka dot ribbon at Babies R US! and they have TONS of wallies/stickers at Lowe's and they have a really cute insect line!

桂綸鎂Diana said...

so beautiful!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.