Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You!

Well, however prayer works, it WORKED! Our little Ellie is super healthy, and my placenta looks great!...I never thought that would be something that would concern me, Ha! I am so happy because now I can get back to doing things that make me happy (spending "special" time with the husband more often, exercising, and being more active in general). I realize that could have been too much information, but certain "limitations" we set with my wonderful low-lying placenta diagnosis. Anyways, thanks for your prayers, seriously... you guys are awesome :)


The Mathis Clan said...

Oh Krystle, you are adorable. I am so happy that you and Ellie are both healthy!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful and enjoyable. It goes by soo fast.

thekirnancrib said...


jenniferlauren photography said...

thrilled for you!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!