Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip to Sierra Vista

Before the traumatic events of Sunday night, we had a great visit with my brother and sister-in-law in Sierra Vista :) They just had a baby (see post below), and we wanted to go help them out! Gollie, I remember the days of being exhausted and needing just a mere 6 hours of sleep, and that being extremely hard to come by! They have got Cole on a wonderful schedule, and he is such a sweet baby! So good. He hardly cried the whole time we were there :) Ellie loved being with her cousins, and we can't wait to see the whole fam and baby Cole again!
Adam, Krystle, Cole
Ellie w/Uncle Jay Jay and Hana for storytime before bed :) Don't you love that chair?!
Us taking some after bathtime pics!
Ellie & Hana soaking it up! I seriously think the water was brown by the time they got out! gross!
Daddy and Ellie...such a cute picture :)
Love, Krystle

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