Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Friday: Library

We have found that we save a lot of money these days going to the library. It's free, they have activites for kiddos (storytime, etc), they hand out free passes to local places (Children's museum, the zoo, etc.), videos, and not to mention the main reason the library exists, books! We had netflix for a while, but cancelled due to the fact that almost EVERY video on our queue was at the library one day! So, we decided that we should do the free option instead of paying $10 a month. And it works! Sometimes, the DVD's skip, but most times, they're good :) I find that as a parent of 2, watching movies doesn't come as often as I'd like, so a random video from the library (or netflix for that matter) takes a while to get to. I don't want to pay money for something I may or may not get to watch! I also get lots of video's for Ellie there instead of paying to rent those as well. We try to go to storytime at least once a week, and Ellie really enjoys it. Even if the teacher is lame on occassion, she always enjoys the bubbles and songs! So, totally worth the $0 spent! So now, go become a member of the zoo, and get a library card and use it!!! :) Save money people! What are some things that YOU do to save money?! Lets help eachother out.........

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