Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Potty Training Day 1

For some reason, my pictures turned out kinda weired (Ellie's mouth looks like super weird!) but ANYWAYS! Today is Day 1 of the 3 Day Potty Training Method by Lora Jensen! This is Ellie with her cup of Hansens Cherry Vanilla Creme soda (she LOVES sips of mine so it's her lucky 3 days!). She was really excited about putting the panties on. We have had 3 accidents already (1 poo & 2pee)-and she was pretty scared of even sitting on the potty. I'm aniticipating wayyy more accidents that victories today (and tomorrow) but wish us luck! I'll keep the blog updated as the days progress because it would be amazing if it really were to happen! :)
Ellie doing what she does best- Dancing!
And I had to sneak in a picture of Claire too...gotta love how chubby she's getting! :)

Love, Krystle


Sarah said...

Good luck! If you ever get a chance to read mycharmingkids.net check out her theory on potty training. I really like what she does, especially since she has boys and 1 girl. I'm going to try this out once Logan is older.

Anonymous said...

Go Ellie! We did the 3-day method with Kaiden (at 22 months) and it totally worked. Day 2 was the hardest and we almost gave up, so ignore the devil on your shoulder tomorrow if that happens to you! Have fun!

Oh and I love that your giving her awesome drinks. Kaiden's fav was lemonade so he had a nice sugar high for 3 days. It made him pee a lot though so I didn't care!